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EVO - Business Short

Central Bedfordshire Council

The quality of service and of the end products were excellent, as were the professionalism, customer engagement and creative visioning.  I and other colleagues within the Business Investment and Marketing team were very satisfied and have been happy to recommend Colin Skevington and Moon Watcher Media to other colleagues at Central Bedfordshire Council.


Deborah Brown,  Project Manager at Central  Bedfordshire Council

Central Bedfordshire Council asked us to produce a series of short films to promote inward investment and to encourage and celebrate businesses ventures in Central Bedfordshire.  The films would also champion the area as an attractive area and a great place to live and work.


CBC wanted the films to be case studies of successful businesses, to showcase the work they do, why they located to Central Bedfordshire and how Central Bedfordshire Council is an advocate and supporter of business in the area.  


We worked closely with the client to identify businesses that would provide an opportunity for visual impact and whose story would act as the central premise for each film.  The client wanted the films to have a friendly approachable feeling and this was reflected in the upbeat feeling of the films, the music and the graphics.


The target audience was existing businesses and those considering moving into Central Bedfordshire.  The films were made available through the CBC website and on YouTube.  The films were also used at business events and meetings attended by or set up by CBC’s Business Investment and Marketing team.

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