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Kindness and Civility Matters To Us

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

'Kindness and Civility Matters To Us' was commissioned by the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.  The film features Trust employees including consultants, nurses, pharmacists and housekeepers talking about how incivility in the workplace can affect work performance.  

The film was based on research conduct by a range of individuals including the US based researcher Christine Porath and shows real evidence to show the impact of incivility.   "Incivility can reduce our cognitive ability by up to 61%" - Porath and Ere, 2007. 

The film also includes stories of how positive interactions have improved people's work experiences and motivation, often just by being kind.


It is currently being used throughout the Trust as well as externally to raise awareness of the need for cultural changes in organisations to make the workplace a better and more productive place to be.

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