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Last Licks?

Family Matters Institute / Dad Talk

'Last Licks?' is a short drama about Keon, a young man who is being drawn into gang life. He is confronted by a mysterious man who challenges him to an extreme and forces Keon to face what really lies beneath his dark choices.

'Last Licks' offers a powerful insight into how some young males, without paternal guidance, may turn to gangs as they seek acceptance and a 'rite of passage'.  The film delves beneath the surface and examines what underlying motivations someone might have to commit a violent act.   

The word "licks" is known in Caribbean society as a form of punishment or colloquially, to lick an opponent is to beat them at a game or fight.


The film is designed to spark debate and was commissioned by the Family Matters Institute, a charity working with family issues.  It was written and directed by Moon Watcher's Colin Skevington and co-produced with Horder Media.

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