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The Workplace Challenge


The team were great to work with, they listened to what our organisation required, the audience we were looking to reach and offered creative ideas and solutions to ensure our video was exciting and informative.  We would highly recommend them!


Joanne Brewster, Sports Project Manager at teamBEDS&LUTON

The Workplace Challenge is a national initiative from Sport England which aims to engage workplaces in sport and physical activity. The film was designed to showcase the positive impact that physical activity can have on a work force - raising morale, encouraging camaraderie and relieving stress. 

The film was commissioned by teamBEDS who also wanted to demonstrate how the Workplace Challenge can be used to raise awareness and money for charitable causes. 

We connected with Peter Sowerby who had been a rugby player whilst serving as a retained fire fighter.  Prior to making the film Peter had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was keen to promote fund raising for Prostate Cancer UK as well as encouraging fitness in the workplace. Peter's willingness to appear in the film allowed a natural link between rugby, the emergency services and a charitable cause.  Sadly since the making of the film Peter has passed away.

By combining dynamic imagery and a simple human story the film has been used to promote the Workplace Challenge within Bedfordshire as an example to inspire other county sports partnerships.

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