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Local Network Fund for Children and Young People 

As a production company, Moon Watcher consistently and successfully captures the real issues behind every story they tell across a range of sometimes challenging topics.  Every film is made with sensitivity and empathy for the subject. 'Unbeatable', like others, illustrates their really high production values, evident in the quality of this informative and thought provoking film about the effects of being in care on the lives of children.

Christine Cole, Children’s Fund Manager and Local Network Fund Panel Member.

'Unbeatable', a 30 minute film drama, highlights the struggles of Rob, a boy in his late teens who has spent much of his childhood in care. 

The film was commissioned to show social workers and people working with looked after children the impact that living in care can have on children's lives.  "Unbeatable" was developed to put the audience into the shoes of a child and give them a better understanding of the issues looked after children face.


The film was used in workshops with social workers to bring about a deeper level of empathy for the plight of looked after children.


'Unbeatable' was directed by Colin Skevington and co-written by Colin and John Handscombe.  The film was co-produced with Wooden Hill, a social enterprise.

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