Siân Davies

Writer, Producer, Designer

+44 7960 857447

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As a writer, designer, editor, marketer and producer - it's hard to pin a label on what I do. With this wide range of skills I am always striving to discover innovative ways for organisations to communicate their message to the world.

I have both practical professional experience in film production as well as a master's degree in Multimedia Journalism, which has given me both the experience and skills to communicate messages across a range of platforms.

With a background in marketing and communication for organisations including Imperial College London, The University of Bedfordshire and McLean Events, Conferences & Media, an event and news company in the retail  petroleum industry, I have plenty of experience on the client side of the table.

I have worked on various productions for Moon Watcher Media since it’s inception in 2006. My role is to explore new markets as well as developing ideas and producing films for clients.  I can also offer advice on how to use video content effectively in brand design, marketing and across social media.